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Paperback ISBN 9781778118807 $22.95

We Happy Few

by Aren A. Morris

A historical fiction with romance elements set in Halifax during the V.E. Day riots. Exploring women's work and pleasure. 

Wedged between pieces of steel, sparks flying around her like fiery angels, Polly wondered if she even wanted to raise children. “I think I’d prefer to raise ships," she thought. 

As part of the city’s war effort, Polly Tremblay decides to train and work as a welder at the Halifax Shipyards. Affirmed by her work, Polly’s journey toward personal and professional independence begins. Soon, Victory in Europe is declared and Halifax erupts into riotous chaos - along with Polly’s future. Navigating the V.-E. Day mobs, Polly searches for her mother, the courage to forge her own path, and the soul of the city she adores. 

Inspired by the real-life Halifax Five (a group of wartime female welders from across Nova Scotia), Aren A. Morris shares the provocative story of an exceptional young woman torn between being true to herself or the expectations of others. At its heart, We Happy Few is about women's work and pleasure, and who gets to decide what that is.